20 Types Of Guys You See On A College Campus

If the United States is a great melting pot where all different kinds of people come to exist together, then a college campus is something of…a jambalaya.  People come from every country, socioeconomic background, religion, and race to attend school together.  That’s why if you take a stroll down the main drag of any college campus, you’re bound to see a wide variety of personality and style exhibited by the guys around you.  After all, college is the time when you’re supposed to express yourself, isn’t it?

Print out a Bingo card and fill the boxes with some of these college guy archetypes.  Then head to your nearest campus and see how long it takes before you can say, “Bingo!”

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20. The one who has worn the same hoodie every day since 10th grade.

When was the last time he washed it?  You probably don’t want to know.

19. The one who smells like smoke.

He must go through half a dozen packs a day because the smell of stale cigarette smoke burns your nostrils as soon as he passes by.

18. The one who smells like weed.

Bonus points if he’s the kind of overly-confident stoner who smokes weed on campus, in full view of everyone because, as he says, he just doesn’t “give a shit.”

17. The one who just needs to shower.

Whoever his roommate is, you have pity on him.

16. The one you swear can’t be any older than 13 or 14.

What is this?  A college for middle-schoolers?

15. The student athlete who’s crazy talented.

People stop and stare when he walks by, looking effortlessly cool in his custom tracksuit that the university gave him for free when he signed with them.


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