Bet You Didn’t Know These 17 Facts About Virgins (3)

8.) Roman Priestesses, Known As “Vestal Virgins” Were Buried Alive If They Had Sex

In the 7th century B.C. the vestal virgins ensured that the Roman sacred fire did not go out. They devoted their lives to the study and observance of rituals that were not allowed to be performed by their male colleagues. If they were found to have broken their vow of celibacy, they were buried alive.

7.) The Absence Of A Hymen Is No Longer Considered A Reliable Means Of Proof Of Virginity

The hymen has a very thin membrane, and can easily be torn during everyday activities like biking. Physicians no longer consider this a reliable means of testing for virginity.

6.) “Virgin” Used To Only Refer To Women

The word “virgin” comes from the Latin word “virgo,” and was originally only used to describe women who had not had intercourse.

5.) The Aztecs Banned Virgins From Eating Avacados

It was believed by the ancient Aztecs that avocados were so sexually powerful, virgins should not be allowed to eat them.


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