6th Grade Teacher Caught On Tape Swearing And Bragging About His Junk To Students

Man, my 6th grade teacher was boring as hell.  All she ever talked about was the Civil War and multiplying fractions.

As you can well imagine, the teacher in question is finding himself in quite a bit of hot water after a profanity-laced class lesson he gave his 6th-graders went totally viral.  The shockingly vulgar rant was recorded on a student’s cell phone.  Administrators were “horrified” when it was brought to their attention, and now the Dallas teacher, identified only in the video as “Sgt. Griffin” has been suspended.

The verbal tirade lasted over seven minutes and began with Sgt. Griffin berating his students for their disappointing performance on a recent test.  “If you don’t give a f***, I don’t give a f***,” he says, bluntly “I’m going to tell you the truth, you f***ed it up.”  He continues ranting, calling the students rude and telling them to “shut the f*** up.”

He continues to express his graphic disappointment in them, and then for some reason, tells them a little bit about his genitals.  “Some people’s d***,” he says, “they only go that far.  My d*** goes all the way to that fence.”  He then tells the students, “I’m gonna show you what a d*** is.”  Though, thankfully, reports do not indicate that he actually exposed himself.

District officials say they’re conducting a full investigation into the matter and assure parents that the man known as Sgt. Griffin certainly won’t be back in in the classroom until the investigation is complete.

Or, you know, ever.


SOURCES: Ebaums World | Fox News | Youtube
IMAGES: Youtube

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