The 8 Stages Of A New Relationship

When you’re in a new relationship, you see the world through rose-colored glasses.  It’s almost impossible to be sad when new love blooming, and every time it happens, you’re convinced you’ve never felt anything like it before.

Maybe you haven’t felt anything like it before, but millions and millions of people have.  New relationships always look similar to one another because budding love goes through a few easy-to-identify stages before the newness wears off.  Acquaint yourself with these stages so you’ll know what to expect next time you begin a relationship.

Stage 1: Nervousness.

Technically, this is the stage that happens right before a new relationship officially begins.  During this time, there’s a lot of wondering “does he really like me?” and “does he want to make it official?”  It’s enough to drive almost anyone insane, but it’s a good kind of crazy.  You can’t help but enjoy it.

Stage 2: Butterflies.

At this point, your relationship is so new, you still get butterflies in your stomach every time you see him or even whenever you get a text from him.  The mere mention of his name is enough to make you blush.

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