The Stages of a Best Friend Break-Up

Break-ups aren’t exclusively for significant others.

Any deep relationship, whether it be a boyfriend, girlfriend, family member or best friend has the risk of ending. And with that ending, is a lot of pain on both ends.

A best friend break-up, however, may be even worse than breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Although you’re not missing the romantic connection, you miss the endless nights of talking, laughing and crying about only the things you knew about each other. You miss having your go-to.

Sometimes it’s about growing apart, others it’s a blowout. Either way, there’s some essential steps that you go through before you feel ok again.

1. The big fight. After a long time of being close as can be, something goes wrong. It’s not a little fight like the small disagreements you had in the past, it’s very different.



2. The fight escalates. Whether you yell and scream, or make snide comments, you both start to say things to hurt the other. It’s out of anger.



3. Silence. You need a few days to relax, step away from the situation, on not speak to the other person.



4. The first week of the silence period. Although you’re still fuming mad and waiting for the other to apologize, you figure they will come around and everything will be normal again soon enough.



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