Why Not Having A Car On Campus Sucks

Often times when many of us leave to college, we do not have a car of our own, or our parents believe we do not need a car in college. However, not having a car on campus sucks!! Nothing is worst than having to rely on public transportation, a roommate to give you rides, or having to bike around everywhere. It is even worst when you want to get a job off campus, in which you either have to walk to work, bike, or rely on public transportation. Public transportation can also be unreliable if they do not always run on time. Also, getting your chores done, such as, grocery shopping can be a hassle if you have no car to use to go to the store.

My best words of advice are if you have a car definitely take it to college, unless the parking fees at school are absolutely outrageous. If the parking fees are affordable, then definitely bring your car to school- trust me you won’t regret it. And for those who do not have a car while at college, work during the school year or summer to save up for a car of your own!

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