Why Guys Should Stop Hitting On Girls On Facebook (A Females Perspective)

Last week I was having a conversation with my good friend that is a girl and we discussed how social media is getting bigger and how that is beneficial for the world’s communication. Our conversation took a rapid turn when her phone rang about 10 times in a 3 minute time period. I thought that she was receiving text messages or something but then she explained that they were Facebook messages. I’m not really a nosey person but this was unordinary for me so I asked her who it was. She explained to me how random guys message her on Facebook trying to hit on her and ask for her number. I was astonished by her response and when I asked her how many times this happens to her and she told me about 2-3 times a week.

I wanted to see how often this happened to ladies so I set up a survey asking girls three questions. The questions and the girl’s responses are listed below.

1st Question: How many times do they get hit on, on Facebook?
4% of girls have never been hit on, on Facebook
8% of girls get hit on once every two months
13% of girls get hit on once a month
20% of girls get hit on twice a month
25% of girls get hit on once a week
18% of girls get hit on 2-3 times a week
12% of girls get hit on 4+ times a week

2nd Question: Do you ever respond to the guy after you read his message?
84% of girls don’t respond to the message
14% of girls respond with a negative response
2% of girls respond with a positive response

3rd Question: How do you feel about guys that hit on girls on Facebook?
1% of girls think the guy is spontaneous
53% of girls think the guy is creepy
26% of girls think the guy is desperate
2% of girls think the guy is adorable
18% of girls think the guy is annoying

As I was doing this survey girls were expressing to me how they really found this to be a problem with Facebook. One girl told me that she even deleted her Facebook because it was becoming too much of a problem for her. These women expressed that they would rather have a guy approach them during the day or at a party then be approached through a message on Facebook.

In conclusion, for all you guys out there I hope you read this carefully and think about what I’m saying. Instead of copying and pasting the same messages to 20 different girls, go out and actually meet girls in person. For all you girls out there I understand your pain. I heard numerous stories about how guys creep on you on Facebook and how annoying it can be. Facebook is a great social media website now let’s think about our actions while using it.

I’m a San Diego native attending South Dakota State University. My biggest obsession is receiving valuable information. Knowledge is power and I hope you retain the knowledge my articles portray 🙂

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