For The Sake of Your College Apartment; 15 Things You Should Never Microwave.

1. Paper bags– they will catch on fire.

2. Plas­tic bags– instead use microwave safe plas­tic wrap.

3. Grapes– they’ll explode! (and pos­si­bly catch on fire)

4. Raisins– same as grapes (more exploding)

5.Travel mugs– just say no to putting metal in the microwave.

6. Yogurt– their plas­tic con­tain­ers can not with stand the heat.

7. Red sauce– always cover it! It will explode and make a mess.

8. Any­thing with metal­lic rims– it will spark!

9. Alu­minum foil– it will ALWAYS catch on fire.

10.Plastic con­tain­ers– stick with microwave safe options

11. Eggs with the shell– they’ll burst and make a mess.

12. Hot pep­pers– the juice inside can get dangerous.

13.Fruit– they’ll burn and/or burst.

14. Sty­ro­foam– it will burn and when it melts into food it can cre­ate poten­tial poison.

15. Noth­ing– yes, turn­ing on your microwave with noth­ing at all in it will dam­age it!

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