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CSUSM Alpha Omicron Pi Just Put Their College On The Map In A Big Way

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SUBMIT YOUR CONTENT TO Info@UniversityPrimetime.com to be featured! Remember, FOLLOW us on Instagram and Twitter —-> @UPrimetime for more exclusive college content NOW! CSUSM. Ever hear of this college? Well, if you haven’t it’s time you take notice. The Alpha Omicron Pi chapter seems super fun in this new video. CSUSM State Alpha Omicron Pi has an amazing video that we believe is worthy of being shared! Check out the amazing video below! Also, MAJOR PROPS to the chapter for having an amazing remix as the song for the video. Way to change things up! This chapter is officially on the map! Do yourself a favor and go ahead and follow us on Instagram —>

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12 Reasons Why Your Friends Should Be Your Valentines

Whether you do or don’t have a valentine this year, don’t forget about your awesome friends that you should treat as your valentines too. I mean, your friendship is basically a relationship anyway, so why not celebrate the holiday with them? 12. They give you all of the love and attention you need- 11. They’re always there when you need them- 10. You can be super sarcastic to each other- 9. They know exactly how to cheer you up- 8. You know they still love you even when you’re less than nice- 7. You bond over people that annoy you-  

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Man accused of throwing gator into a Wendy’s appears in court

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A judge tells a Jupiter man accused of throwing an alligator through an open  Wendy’s drive-thru window to stay away from gators and Wendy’s.  I still can’t believe that this guy who pulled the prank isn’t going to jail. Check out the crazy video below to hear the full story:  

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This Woman Accidentally Super Glued Her Eye After Eye Drop Mistake

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This is a story for the ages. Imagine your eyes hurt, and you need eyedrops. Well, this woman thought she was pouring eye drops into her swollen eye, but instead was pouring super glue. Yes, you heard that right. When we first heard the story, we couldn’t believe it. However, there’s video proof in the video below of this news reporter interviewing the woman who super glued her eye shut by accident. Poor woman. Watch the video below to hear the insane story.

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UFC Fighter Snapchats Aftermath Of Girl Pooping All Over His Bathroom


OMG. Imagine you have a girl come over, she uses your bathroom, and then you realize that she took a massive dump all over your floor. Well, that’s I guess what happened in this situation. Check out the video below of the hilarious story. I can’t stop laughing. Too good, just too good.

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Steve Harvey Absolutely Loses His SH*T After Hearing This Family Feud Answer

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Family Feud. There are always those moments where Steve Harvey gets some good laughs in. However, in this case Mr.Harvey wasn’t too thrilled when these women gave an interesting response. You can say that Steve is just not too excited by their answers. Check out the video below and get ready to laugh!

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UNC Student Makes funny parody of Hotline Bling

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UNC students are making moves lately! Taylor who is running for President of the Residence Hall Association on campus recorded a funny parody of hotline bling. Check out the hilarious video below. This guy definitely deserves some recognition!   Re-Elect Taylor Bates Bling Vote online now at https://studentlife.unc.edu/! Watch Taylor Bates "Hotline Bling" his RHA record to you in the drizziest campaign video of the election. Vote for Taylor Bates this Tuesday and learn more at taylor4rha.wordpress.com. #OurHomeOurVoice Posted by Taylor 4 RHA on Sunday, February 7, 2016

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Pi Phi Enjoyed Their Snow Day at the University of Connecticut

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 Pi Phi has an awesome new video showing their amazing sisterhood in this new Snow Day video. Check it out! This chapter is definitely totally awesome in every way! Just some snow day fun! ❄️✨ Posted by Pi Beta Phi at UConn on Monday, February 8, 2016

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Alpha Phi From University at Buffalo Just Showed Their Amazing Sisterhood

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SUBMIT YOUR CONTENT TO Info@UniversityPrimetime.com to be featured! Remember, FOLLOW us on Instagram and Twitter —-> @UPrimetime for more exclusive college content NOW! University at Buffalo Alpha Phi. This college has definitely been on our radar lately.  Alpha Phi girls are beyond the best, and the chapter here proves just that! Apparently they’re very well known for having an amazing Alpha Phi chapter. These girls did a fabulous job with their new video, and it’s deserving to be shared. You can tell from their video that they have an amazing sisterhood. FOLLOW us on Instagram @UPrimetime and check out the amazing video below:

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Kappa Kappa Gamma Bid Night at Indiana University Was Definitely Super Fun

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We’re hiring PAID writers! E-mail Info@UniversityPrimetime.com if interested! SUBMIT YOUR CONTENT TO Info@UniversityPrimetime.com to be featured! Remember, FOLLOW us on SNAPCHAT —-> UPrimeSnaps for more exclusive college content NOW! Indiana University Kappa Kappa Gamma. If you don’t know who they are, now you know. KKG is representing the Hoosiers well in this epic video. Kappa Kappa Gamma at IU just made a huge point to why they deserve to be the most recognized sorority at Indiana University. These girls are the real deal. Smart when it comes to their academics, amazing with their work in the community, and absolutely smoking hot. Either way,  do yourself a favor now and ADD US on SNAPCHAT–> UPrimeSnaps and check