OMG STOP – Uber Now Delivers Puppies, And Omg This Is Too Amazing

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Instead of reaching for that fourth cup of coffee, there’s now a newer, more adorable way to get through the mid-day slump. Thanks to UberPuppies, you can now have 15 minutes of play time at the click of a button. Since practically no one can resist playing with puppies, Uber expects their new service to be extremely popular. “These cute little


The Struggle of Always Being In the Middle Of Conflicts In Your Friend Group


If you’ve ever found yourself in a friend group that is in a fragile state that includes breakups, arguments about living together and/or sex, then you’ve probably felt stuck in the middle at some point. Being stuck in the middle means that you’re friends with both parties who start to strongly dislike each other. Then, you take it upon yourself


What Actually Happens On a Day You Don’t Have Finals During Finals Week

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We all like to pretend that we study 24/7 during finals week, but if we get an off day during it, we probably aren’t studying the entire day. Here’s what your schedule would probably look like: 1) Go to sleep: Because even though you’re not studying, you stay up until like 4am, so the first thing you do that day


10 Things That Make You Miss Home

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As excited as every college kid is to finally be “out on their own” and able to make their own decisions, everyone gets homesick at one point or in other cases, a thousand points throughout the semester. And why wouldn’t you? Before you left for school there was always a stocked pantry, you saw your family everyday, and life was

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10 Reasons Why Patook Is Increasingly Popular On US Campuses


  Starting college or University can be scary: high school is (finally!) over, and whether you were Prom Queen or Nerd King, your pond just got shrunk. Now you’re a fresher and chances are you don’t know anyone, you’ve left your home town, and now you’re at the bottom of the school food chain again. Luckily, apps are there to save you, and

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How A Partier Knows It’s Time To Stay In And Settle Down


College is about “expanding our educations”, but if you ask a student who is in the brunt of it they will say it’s about the amazing parties. When looking back at our time it is pretty obvious that the wildest days were as a freshman and as we got older we calmed down a little. You go from trying to


What I Learned From Being on an Athletic Team in College


I grew up in a small town on Long Island where it was expected that every boy play on a sports team. I tried soccer, baseball and basketball before I realized my frail body and asthmatic lungs didn’t make for a great athlete. There was a point in time my parents bribed me with ice cream if I got a


The 6 Reasons You Have To Love Hofstra University

Top Ten Pet Peeves of Hofstra Students

Hofstra University has given us a long list of things to adore.  Here are just a handful: 6) The tulips in the spring. 5) The way the campus looks right after the first real snow. 4) Free food seems to be given away somewhere on campus every week.

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The 7 Struggles Of Getting Ready For Your Sorority’s Formal


It is formal/date party/crush season!  This goes out to every sorority girl who knows the struggle of getting ready for your formal all too well. 7) You have to find a date. 6) You have to find a dress. 5) Probably the hardest part: you have to find a pair of shoes.


Why Getting an Internship in College Changes Your Life


When you’re in the classroom there is only so much you can be taught. Getting an internship allows you to see your classroom lessons in action. Some schools mandate their students have a certain amount of internship credits in order to graduate. They aren’t a be-all-to-end-all, but having one gives you necessary experience and, more importantly, the connections necessary to