11 Reasons Girls Post Selfies


Besides #SelfieSunday girls are posting selfies all over the place on the daily. Why? There is so many reasons besides being bored. These 11 reasons along with the pictures explain why girls post selfies, keep a look out for pictures like these next time you’re on social medias. Are you one of these 11 girls?! 11. Their Boobs/Ass Looked Good- They


Kickass Video Explains 10 Tips To Succeed In College


10 different ways to kickass in college! Aaron Marino’s YouTube channel is mainly directed towards men, but this video can be directed towards every college student, guy or girl. This video gives you 10 great tips (that you can or cannot listen to) that you should use when at college, no matter if you’re a freshman or a senior. He

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11 Ways To Stay Organized In Your Online Classes


Online classes can be quite the struggle when trying to stay up to date with them, along with your other classes. You may constantly forget a due date, what the homework was, the directions aren’t as clear, or you’re just lazy. Or you actually forgot you’re taking an online class. Having an online class can be a good thing though,

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20 Reasons Girls Are Obsessed With Having A Booty


Almost every time you go to the gym, you will see girls doing what looks like 1,000 squats. Why, you may ask? Because we all want the best butt (tush, buttocks, booty, ass, whatever you wanna call it.) 20.) Because Beyoncé… 19.) Because we love to embrace the curves that make us who we are. 18.) Because it’s more comfortable sitting on

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20 Awkward Moments For Short People


I have been 5’1 since the sixth grade, and it used to upset me. Over the years, I’ve learned to embrace my height because it makes me unique and special. So what I can’t reach the cereal in my cabinet? That’s what high chairs are for.  This is for all my short girls (and boys) out there. Flaunt your height!

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20 Awkward Moments That Happen At College Parties


Movies and TV shows would have you believe that college is about absolutely nothing but partying.  The fact is, you probably will go to plenty of parties during your college career, but what they neglect to tell you is that those parties are almost always as awkward as they are awesome.  That’s just how it is, though.  When a large


10 Types Of Outfits Girls Wear For 4th Of July


This is the time we have all waited for, it’s Independence day! So dig in the back of your closet and find the only red, white, and blue you have because you’re ‘Merican. It doesn’t matter if you don’t why we celebrate Independence day or dream about moving away, because on this special day of the year we are all hard working,


10 Unbelievably Bad Attempts At Patriotism


We all use the fourth of July as an excuse to bust out our red and blue and show our patriotism on Independence Day. There comes a certain point though were the line of patriotism and hot mess seems to get a little blurry. Taking a t-shirt of a bald eagle and turning it into a forehead tattoo will not make


Pride Parade Makes Even NYPD Party


The NYPD has been in question recently with countless acts of violence caught on tape from bystanders. This video is a refreshing moment caught on tape during this year’s LGBT Pride Parade. It is restoring our faith in the New York City’s force when one officer isn’t afraid to get down and celebrate the event.


College Students Give The Best Responses To Why Exactly They Are Staying Single

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Written By: Alexandra Sakellariou Whether you’re at a family gathering or simply have incredibly inquisitive friends, single people always seem to get asked the same question; why are you still single?It’s beyond frustrating to have to repeatedly explain your relationship status to prying people. Honestly, you shouldn’t have to explain to someone why you do or do not have a significant other