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13 Reasons Why I Refuse To Have A Roommate Ever Again

13 Reasons Why I Refuse To Have a Roommate Ever Again

I never want to have a roommate every again in my entire life. They smell, they are often naked, and they don’t have boundaries. The following is a list of 13 reasons why I refuse to have a roommate ever again; aside from the fact that roommates are awful in  general. I’m a true fan of solitude.  *NOTE: SOME OF THESE STORIES ARE ABOUT THE SAME ROOMMATE – I DIDN’T HAVE 13 CRAZY ROOMMATES (ALTHOUGH SOMETIMES I WONDER)* 13. The Roommate That Put Butter In The Orange Juice Yah, you read that right. A couple of years ago my roommate was a complete and total wierdo. She was constantly accusing people of doing things that were intended to harm her in one way of another. This girl was the epitome of “the world is out to get me”. One weekend in particular she had a couple friends from home visiting,

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This App is Essential For College Incoming Freshman

Nervous about making friends after moving to college this fall? What if there was a way to start meeting fellow students right now before college even starts? Spotselfie is the app that allows you to do just that!   Simply create an account, select your college, and use your device to scan the area around you. By harnessing the power of Augmented Reality, users are instantly surrounded by selfies posted by others from your college, like stars in the night sky. Tap on a selfie to connect, make new friends, and build relationships all before you set foot on campus in the fall. There is no limit to the number of selfies you can post. Be creative. The more… the better! You can also tell people more about yourself by answering a set of 16 fun questions, ranging from your personality to activities to emotional baggage (if you have any,

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General Education Classes Are The Biggest Waste of Students Time

College is expensive, that is no big secret. So why are institutions wasting more of our time and (loan) money on classes that make us want to bang our heads on a wall? Classes such are anthropology, drawing, African cinema, and many more are reasons for bad GPA’s and many tear filled ordering to Insomnia. Now every Gen Ed causes different emotions within different people. For instance, a three hour class for drawing could be enjoyable to me, but to someone else that cold be their most hated class of the week. Regardless of major, we have all had to participate in classes that we borderline despise. I am a Public Relations major. Which basically means I love writing, talking with people and I go through withdraw without social media. Science and Math gen eds are my nightmare. At my school I have to take nine credits of natural science, six credits


How to Avoid These 3 Most Common Regrets After Graduation

A college must become a takeoff platform of our career but for lots of graduates, it’s rather a time of missed opportunities. Only after graduation, they start understanding what exactly they should do differently. But the time machine is not invented. So if you want your college investments to pay off, you’d better ponder on your study time right now. Let’s consider the most common regrets shared by college graduates, so you could avoid the same missteps. #1. I wish I’d studied more/less A suchlike grudge is shared by the most of the former students. Some of them regret they’ve spent all the time on books. Others admit that constant partying wasn’t a right option. Frankly speaking, you will hardly manage to avoid this kind of disappointment entirely. However, you should try to maintain a balance between your studying and a social life. What to do: Don’t limit your life

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UC Davis Kappa Kappa Gamma Just Released One Amazing New Video

UC Davis!!!! Kappa Kappa Gamma is a chapter that is just totally perfect. These girls are super fun, down to earth, and always up for an adventure. This video shows a glimpse of their amazing sisterhood all living under one roof. Before you check out their amazing new video below, Make sure to FOLLOW @SororityVideos on Instagram for more amazing recruitment videos now!!!! Check out their amazing new video below.  Congrats to these sisters for having an amazing chapter and representing their school in a positive way!