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University of Florida Tri Delta Just Broke The Internet With This UNREAL Video

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We’re hiring PAID writers! E-mail [email protected] if interested! SUBMIT YOUR CONTENT TO [email protected] to be featured! Remember, FOLLOW us on SNAPCHAT now for more exclusive content right now—-> UPrimeSnaps for more of the best college content NOW! University of Florida. GO GATORS! We have to tell our readers something right now. We officially have a new crush, and it’s the Tri Delta chapter over at the University of Florida. If you don’t know who they are, now you know.  These girls are the real deal. Smart when it comes to their academics, amazing with their work in the community, and absolutely smoking hot. Either way, do yourself a favor and ADD US on SNAPCHAT–> UPrimeSnaps and check out this amazing new sorority video below. Ladies, way to represent University of Florida. You girls killed it! If you’re looking to rush a sorority at UF, look no further than Tri Delta!

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Syracuse Tri Delta Has A New Video That Reminded Us How Awesome They Are

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IF YOU’RE IN A SORORITY, SEND YOUR VIDEOS TO [email protected] TO BE FEATURED!! Syracuse University. Go Orange. I guess it’s time to start the bandwagon there huh? We love Syracuse and are known for featuring Syracuse quite often on UniversityPrimetime.com I guess we’ll have to wait and see! Tri Delta girls definitely are pretty chill based on the girls i’ve met before from other chapters at other universities. The Syracuse ladies seem like they are a fun bunch based off of their video. I guess i’ll have to see for myself and visit Cuse and hang out with these girls to see what the real deal is. Either way, digging their video and you should too. Check it out below, and while you’re at it FOLLOW US on INSTAGRAM –> @UPrimetime  

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UIUC Alpha Xi Delta’s Bid Day Video Was Nothing Short of Amazing

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Remember the girls who hosted that epic philanthropy that raised over $15,000 and looked insane? Well we found their bid day video from last year and it is everything you’d expect and more. DJ? Check. Turning the entire sorority house into a circus tent? Check. Amazing time? Oh definitely check. If this trend continues, we can’t wait to see what they have in store for this year. Follow us on Instagram —> @UPrimetime and check out the amazing video below!

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UC Davis Delta Gamma Has A Sisterhood That Shows Why DG Girls Are Amazing

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SUBMIT YOUR CONTENT TO [email protected] to be featured! Remember, FOLLOW us on Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter —-> @UPrimetime for more exclusive college content NOW! UC Davis! The Delta Gamma girls are looking HOT in their new video. I mean WOW. Delta Gamma has always been a personal favorite of ours, and the UC Davis chapter is looking pretty awesome. After watching this video, Delta Gamma is definitely the way to go, and we give this video a thumbs up! You girls did an amazing job on your video! Remember, FOLLOW us on Instagram —> @UPrimetime.  Shout out to these sisters for doing amazing work in the community as well. These sisters are the definition of incredible! Check out the amazing video below:  


12 Girls Reveal What Makes A Guy Truly Irresistible


Written By: Maddie Escobar Article Originally Published On ReadUnWritten.com As a female, I can honestly admit that girls are weird. We have our own secret language, secret rules and regulations. We can be complicated and messy. We can be difficult and hard-headed. Yet, we are also one of the greatest creatures on earth. Although we can be messy, the majority of girls all want the same thing, to be loved and respected. So I asked a few of my favorite girlfriends to admit the random things that they find irresistible about guys… 1. “A nice jaw line is so hot” – Kayla I don’t know if I will ever be able to explain what a really sharp chiseled jaw does to a female, but here’s my attempt. Something about it just makes the man look more sophisticated, distinguished and mature; it’s just hot. 2. “Ahhh I love the V” – Carly The coveted