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Break ups. They SUCK. Well, they tend to suck more for girls. Ever wonder the stages girls go through after a bad breakup? Well, luckily this video below described the struggle girls go through. Watch the video below and remember to give us a FOLLOW on Instagram –> @UPrimetime


10 Basic White Girl Halloween Costumes That You’ll See At Every Party


Each year, every girl’s favorite holiday comes along and gives them the opportunity to dress up and be whatever or whoever they want for the night. Most girls try to be creative and come up with something no one’s ever seen before, but 9 times out 10 that plan falls through and they end up being a cat, a bunny,


12 Things Guys Do That Makes Us Fall in Love With Them


12. Kisses your forehead. What lady doesn’t love this? Kissing a girl on the forehead displays that he has some really deep feelings for you. Sometimes, a kiss on the forehead is better than the lips. 11. Talks about you to his friends.   When the guy you like tells his friends about you, it confirms that he probably likes you


The Six Types of People on Your Facebook Newsfeed

People portraits on instant film

Admit it, you’re a Facebook addict. During study breaks or even while you’re studying, you are constantly scrolling down your newsfeed, keeping yourself updated with people you probably don’t really care about. We all do it and we all hate that we are obsessed with it. You could have thousands of Facebook friends, but I’ve noticed that there are six


7 Types of People You Meet at a College Party


You’re walking through a college party— frat, sports team, or just those guys who don’t care how trashed their house gets— it can be any of these. You walk with your friends through a sea of solo cups and in between bodies before your journey commences. You’re the protagonist in a world full of quirky characters that only come out


Why An On-Campus Job Is Actually Amazing


Freshman year I applied for one of the many jobs at my school. I figured I won’t get it because I was just a freshman and they probably would be looking to hire upperclassman but I applied anyway just for fun. Then I got it. It was technically a fellowship instead of a work study but a jobs a job


5 Ways to BS Your Way Through This Semester


Every overly -eager Freshman in college has been in your shoes.there; you’re stoked to start college, to be an “adult”, and to get your career finally started! And so you sign up for wayyy more credits than you can handle, join every club that’ll have you, and try to squeeze a healthy lifestyle into the mix. You’re a perfectionist and


8 Rules to Keep You and Your Roommate Sane


The semester is half over. And I have to admit, I was expecting things to go a little differently… Things are not going as smoothly as I had hoped. You’re not perfect, and I’m certainly not either. But there are some things that I assumed would go a different way, and I really don’t want to live that way for


When Your Roommate is Your Best Friend


More often than not, roommate horror stories are what come to mind when you think about freshman year of college. My roommate and I chatted on Facebook before we met and the connection was instantaneous. Of course, I was nervous to meet her and had doubts about our new found friendship, but luckily everything turned out perfectly. If your roommate


Why I’m Thankful for College Roommates But Never Want to Share a Room Again


I’ve had 3 roommates in 2 years. One was someone random freshman year, and the other 2 were friends I chose to live with sophomore year, one per semester. I came to see that whether you’re living with a stranger or best friends, you will have disagreements. What’s most important about those disagreements is that you cannot let it ruin