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Valentine’s Day in College When You’re Single as Told by ‘Friends’

Valentine’s Day in college. For many of us it’s an absolute joke. We’re single as can be, hooking up with other people, and have no reason to celebrate the holiday. Since you’re probably single as can be if you’re reading this, here are the struggles we all go through being single on Valentine’s Day in College. 19. When all of your taken friends give you that sad look       18. …And then you start to think that maybe there’s a reason why you’re still single…       17. …And then realize that there definitely is.       16. But at the end of the day, why loathe in self-pity when being single in college is honestly, like, so fun  

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UCF Delta Phi Lambda Made a ‘Friends’ Themed Recruitment Video that You HAVE to See

WE’RE HIRING MORE WRITERS! E-mail [email protected] now to join our team of 1,000+ writers from across the country! Remember, do yourself a favor and FOLLOW us on Instagram and Twitter —-> @UPrimetime for more exclusive college content NOW! University of Central Florida’s Delta Phi Lambda just dropped one amazing new video. Delta Phi Lambda is a chapter that deserves some recognition. Either way, this ‘Friends’ themed recruitment video is one incredible and one of the most creative recruitment videos we’ve seen. Shoutout to Delta Phi Lambda for having such an awesome and creative recruitment video. Before you check out their amazing new video below, Make sure to FOLLOW @SororityVideos on Instagram for more amazing recruitment videos now!!!! It’s the best Instagram account for sororities out there! Follow @SororityVideos on Instagram now! Check out the new video from UCF Delta Phi Lambda below! Major shout out to their chapter!  

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College Students Reveal Their CRAZIEST Drunk Party Moments

We’ve all had those mornings when we’ve woken up and been too drunk to remember what happened the night before, yikes. Below people share some of the funniest, craziest, and just downright strange things drunk people have done or said in their presence… 15.”Had to convince my friend not to jump in the pool because he thought “This water is 2016 water, I gotta jump before it becomes 2017 water!” It wasn’t even a pool party.”   14.  “My girlfriend started puking, and between outbursts says ‘At least this is all good wine, it doesn’t taste so bad coming up!’” 13. “We had a bunch of friends over at our house last night for the new year’s celebration. It was starting to wind down and a group of them were having trouble finding a cab home. So one of them passes out on the couch because the wait had been

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Why Going Home For School Breaks is Like a HS Reunion You Don’t Want To Have

You might realize that you whenever you go home for break – winter, summer or spring – you always seem to run into people you went to high school with. Whether you come from a small town or a big city chances are you still end up seeing someone you know. For some people that may be a great thing, but for others it’s something we could easily live without. This article is dedicated to the latter. 10. The gossip never stopped. People always claim that gossip stays in high school, but they were extremely wrong. It’s like every time you come home you get filled in on all the latest gossip, but you could honestly care less. 9. People make a game out of seeing who’s doing better in life. When people see you for the first time after high school it’s like all of a sudden they care about what you’re doing with your life.

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The 10 Stages of Finding the Perfect Halloween Costume

Looking for the perfect Halloween costume is one of the biggest struggles out there. There are so many ideas out there that picking just one, let alone the perfect one, is a process that takes some time and effort. Not to mention creativity and a few trial and errors. 10. Picking a concept/theme. There are tons of movies, celebrities, themes, stereotypes, etc. for you to choose from so your possibilities are endless! If you have absolutely no idea where to start, try listing off your favorite celebrities, movies, tv shows, etc. because that’ll at least give you a place to start. If you pick something more general (i.e. Once Upon a Time or the seven deadly sins) then you just have to narrow down your choices and decide upon one character or idea (i.e. the Evil Queen or lust). 9. Narrowing down your choices. You may have realized that you have a ton of different costume ideas you’d love to