10 Things I Wish I Had Realized While In High School

BOY MEETS WORLD - Now that they are in their senior year, Cory and Shawn figure they no longer have to turn in homework. But their new assignment from Feeny is more challenging- -to find tickets for the Super Bowl. Meanwhile, Eric ends up with a date who would be more compatible with Jack; and Jack's new girlfriend would be a better match for Eric, on Boy Meets World. (Photo by Scott Humbert/ABC via Getty Images) RYDER STRONG, BEN SAVAGE, DANIELLE FISHEL, WILLIAM DANIELS

7. Enjoy The Nights Where You’re Doing Nothing With Your Best Friends

You might be bored.  You might wish that you had something to do.  But believe me, there will come a time when you miss watching dumb Youtube videos with them more than anything in the world.  Also, even when you’re not doing anything exciting, take a ton of pictures.  You will cherish them later.

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