Unwritten Rules of One Night Stands

Let’s face it; at one point or another you’re going to most likely have a one night stand. It could be great, it could be hor­ri­ble, or it could straight up awk­ward when you wake up in the morn­ing and real­ize you have class with who­ever you just slept with. To make things go over a lit­tle smoother here are some rules of one night stands for every col­lege student.


1. When you’re choos­ing who you may be tak­ing home that night make sure you aren’t too drunk. The more you drink the more attrac­tive some­one becomes and that isn’t always for the best.

2. ALWAYS have con­doms. You never know what you could be get­ting your­self into. Std’s, preg­nancy? No thank you.

3. Don’t get clingy after­wards, it’s a one night stand for a reason.

4. Be friendly in the morn­ing but don’t make them breakfast.

5. Make sure this one time fling isn’t one of your friend’s ex’s.

6. If this hook up wants to go home after the sex, let them. Don’t force them to awk­wardly stay.

7. If you see them in pub­lic after the mat­ter act totally casual.

8. Always keep a lit­tle stash of alco­hol at your place in case things get awk­ward and you need assis­tance in break­ing the tension.

9. NEVER say ‘I love you.’

10. Make sure they’re sin­gle, also make sure that you’re single.

11. Just have fun! Be flirty and laid back about the sit­u­a­tion if it’s what you both want.

12. When you have to make the oh so famous walk of shame try to pull your­self together. Even if that means steal­ing a t-shirt to wear home instead of the dress and heel you wore out the night before.

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