10 Things I See Now In College That I Didn’t See in High School

7. I’m Not As All-Knowing As I Thought I Was: Alright, I was in high school not too long ago and I remember  thinking (and feeling) as if I were already an adult and could do adult things because I was “more mature” or “wiser” than other teenagers. I laugh at myself now for that. Okay, you are not an adult. You do not know everything. College will be a rude awakening if you believe you do. It was for me.  Just because you have had multiple boyfriends doesn’t make you a guy expert, in fact, it makes you the least knowledgeable on the subject of relationships. Understanding the Pythagorean Theorem does’t make you ready to take on the world. Your parents may tell you, “You’ll understand when you’re older,” and now I’m telling you: there is not a truer statement.

dont know those words

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