10 Things I See Now In College That I Didn’t See in High School

5. The World is Much Larger Than I Thought it Would Be: Coming a from a small town, I entered an extreme case of culture shock when I reached a college campus of 60,000 students. I have even spoken with friends who have said they experienced it coming from bigger cities. I is the transition from high school life, and the high school world, into the college one. You become exposed to parts of the world you didn’t know were there. You meet people with different backgrounds, interests, and aspirations that didn’t exist in your home town. It is shocking, and sometimes will make you question everything about yourself. College is a time of discovery. You will uncover aspects of yourself that otherwise you wouldn’t have. It’s crazy and exciting and awesome. Enjoy it! The paths you can take are innumerable, and these are the years when you will figure it out. I know it can be overwhelming, but you’ll get over it.

breathing heavily

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